The German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.) is More likely out of Asia of particular interest because it has the most wide- spread and truly “cosmopolitan” distribution: it has The “out-of-Africa” hypothesis was questioned when been found in human dwellings from Alaska to Princis and Roth, discovered the majority of species Antarctica, and everywhere between (Chamberlin of Blattella


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Blattella vaga : Geographic Information Geographic Division: Europe & Northern Asia (excluding China) Middle America : North America Southern Asia Blattella vaga Hebard 1935. vaga = 'vagrant, wandering' Range . native to so. Asia, adventive in the New World (sw. US & Mexico) , most common in irrigated regions of Blattella vaga Hebard, 1935 in GBIF Secretariat (2019). Field Cockroach. Latin Name: Blattella vaga Common Name: Field Cockroach Latin Family Name: Blattellidae Other Names: Vaga cockroach Originally from Asia, Blattella vaga has been introduced into the Southwestern United States, including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of southern California.

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HEMIPTERA - TRUE BUGS. Chlorochroa sayi. Field CockroachThe field cockroach, Blattella vaga, prefers outdoor locations and is usually found in leaf litter and plant debris. Field roaches invade indoor  Vaga Bella Swim™ by Sailing La Vagabonde. For mamas and children ( bambinos coming soon!). Proudly made with 100% recycled fibers.

German cockroaches sometimes are confused with field cockroaches (Blattella vaga). However, the field cockroach has a dark face and a dark median line on the 

It is found in Europe and Northern Asia (excluding China),  Blattella asahinai (asiatisk fältkackerlacka); Blattella germanica (tysk kackerlacka); Blattella vaga (fältkackerlacka); Cariblatta lutea lutea (liten  De enda två arterna av Blattella som var närvarande i USA var fältkackerlackan ( Blattella vaga ) och den tyska kackerlackan ( Blattella germanica ). Roth var  Donna Lynn. · 22 f--e---b---ru-a-r--i-- k-l-------.--------- ---11-:---5--2---- ·.

Blattella vaga

The ASU Frank F. Hasbrouck Insect Collection contains approximately 850,000 insect specimens, representing at least 25 orders, 390 families, 4,000 genera, 12,000 species and 1,240 subspecies. Most specimens are from the southwestern United States; however considerable representative material is also available from other North American regions and Mexico. The collection was largely developed

Blattella vaga. Appearance What Do They Look Like? Color: The field cockroach looks similar to the very common German cockroach, grayish to olive-brown with two brown to black stripes on the top of its head. Size: About 1/2 inch long.

[4] [5] Waray hini subspecies nga nakalista. However, there are also slight morphological differences between Blattella asahinai and Blattella germanica. Asian cockroach adults have longer and narrower wings than those of German cockroaches. Figure 2. Adult male Asian (left), Blattella asahinai Mizukubo, and German (right), Blattella germanica (Linnaeus), cockroaches, ventral view. Notice Parasites of the German Cockroach (Blattella germanica L.) in New York City. The Journal of Parasitology, 56(2): 375-377.
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Blattella vaga

Leaf litter and other types of outdoor plant debris are their preferred habitats. Espesye sa uk-ok ang Blattella vaga. [1] [3] Una ning gihulagway ni Morgan Hebard ni adtong 1935. Ang Blattella vaga sakop sa kahenera nga Blattella sa kabanay nga Blattellidae . Blattella personata Bei-Bienko, 1967 An Blattella vaga in uska species han Blattodea nga ginhulagway ni Morgan Hebard hadton 1935.

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Jag kan vagt minnas hur det kändes att känna på det sättet, så säker då att så Faktum är att om de har tillgång till vatten har tyska kackerlackor, Blattella 

The collection was largely developed Species: Blattella vaga. Es una especie morfológicamente igual a la ampliamente distribuida y común Blattella germanica , pero puede distinguirse por su cabeza marrón-negruzca desde la boca hasta la zona situada entre los ojos, su tamaño ligeramente menor y su coloración más olivácea.